čtvrtek 19. února 2015

Dart Designer: Diagrams for your Dart application

Recently I wanted to create diagrams for some Dart application and was curious if there exists some tool dedicated directly to Dart. And after some searching I found Dart Designer which is available on Github.


Dart Designer

Dart Designer is the graphical tool based on Eclipse which helps you with creating diagrams like package diagram, class diagram and more. It comes with integrated Dart Editor so you can also develop in it.

To start working on diagrams you just need to create a new Dart Designer Project and then you can start working on diagrams. Dart Designer also knows Dart language features like Mixins.

This is how you create class diagram in Dart Designer

To explore how to use the designer, I recommend to take a look at the official video.

Dart Designer looks like a great tool for creating diagrams because it knows Dart. The only thing I am missing, is the possibility to create diagram from existing Dart code and vice versa.

Happy Dart diagramming! :-)

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