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Dart Developer Summit 2016

I was happy that I could attend this year's Dart Dev Summit because the last Dart Dev Summit was awesome.

The Dart Developer Summit 2016 took place in Munich's Google office this year, for two days at the end of October. And it was really worth to visit.

New Dart earrings

Couple of days before a summit, I realized that my current Dart earrings are a bit of outdated. We had so much fun together but the update was inevitable. And I knew I wanted to have them 3D printed.

In Saturday afternoon, I decided "now or never" and opened the 3D modeling software after, ehm, 5 years and started to remember how it worked. I forgot almost everything. Fortunately I somehow managed to have the model finished (after a lots of complaints :-D) and we could go to print!

We had to do a couple of iterations but at the end I had the earrings printed and put together. Let's call them Dart earrings 2 RC1 for now.

Dart earrings: the old vs. the new version

The earrings need some iterations still. And I am planning to release the 3D model when they will be perfect ;-)

Dart Code Lab

The evening before the summit, I helped with the organization of the Dart Code Lab again. Attendees could try two new Dart code labs - the first one on AngularDart components and the second one on the developer workflow.

We had also a lots of awesome demos from attendees showing us the projects they built with Dart. I enjoyed the evening with people from the community very much.

Dart Developer Summit

The Dart summit was two days event. The first day started with the keynote - Dart in 2017 and beyond where we could hear a lots of interesting numbers (did you know that there is more than $70B per year in Google applications written in Dart?) and about the actual Dart's state and focus. You can read more about this in the Dart news blog post.

Dart Dev Summit 2017 - on a boat? :-D

The summit then continued with a lots of interesting talks on various topics like Angular 2 Dart and it's components, the set of material design widgets written in AngularDart for developers.

We also heard about Dart's type system and a strong mode, the Dart Dev Compiler (yay!), and about the Dart to JavaScript interoperability and more. The JS interop talk is a definitely "must see" if you consider writing a wrapper around some existing JS library.

The conferences are not only about talks. We had a lot of space to meet and talk with Dart engineers and developers from the whole world.

I must also say that I loved the setup and decorations in the room.

Darts everywhere...

The second day started with the Flutter keynote. Flutter is a project which helps you to build both iOS and Android applications with Dart.

Flutter Flutter Flutter

Over the year, they moved the project (it was named Sky before) so much forward and with the hot reload feature, the development is even faster and more delightful to developer.

Flutter's hot reload: must see

I was very impressed and I am moving my personal todo "try Flutter" more to the top of my todo list. :-D

During the day we could see more talks on for example Google's build tool Bazel, server-side framework Aqueduct or Dart package for React.

The day ended with a panel discussion where we could ask questions and the Dart team answered.

All the videos from talks are online in the Dart Dev Summit 2016 playlist.

My Firebase talk

I was excited to have a talk on How to build a Dart and Firebase app in 30 mins. During the talk I showed what is a Firebase and how to use this service with Dart using the wrapper library Firebase3, I implemented. The library is available on pub and Github.

I am planning to write some article on how to use Dart + Firebase and how to write a JS interop wrapper soon.

For now you can take a look at the talk on Youtube, explore the slides, or the source code for the demo app I showed.

The demo is available online, the source code is on Github.

The demo is publicly available and is written in Dart using the Firebase library, then compiled and deployed to Firebase hosting.

The end

It's always so sad when such great event ends. The Dart Developer Summit was a really great event, I met a lots of Dart developers and saw really nice talks on topics which interest me. I filled my personal todo list with a lots of "must try" or "must explore" things.

I am really looking forward to the next year's summit and see ya on a boat! :-D

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