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Stagehand: Tool you want to use for your next Dart project

Yesterday I found a great tool with name Stagehand. I would say that this tool makes happy Dart developer even more happier. Stagehand helps you create a new Dart project easily with all the important things prepared.

Yes, creating a new project with Dart Editor is nice but with Stagehand it is awesome. Creating a new project for me without Stagehand always involved searching wherever for the .gitignore file (if you do not know .gitignore.io) and then searching for some libraries etc.

With Stagehand you have everything important prepared.

How to install?

As a first thing you should update to the latest version of Dart SDK.

And then run in the command line:

pub global activate stagehand

I had to also add some folder to the PATH on Windows. Then you are done. You can use it :-)

How to use?

Using of Stagehand is really easy. When you are in the desired folder where you want to generate the project, just run:

stagehand <apptype>

where the apptype is:
  • consoleapp
  • package
  • polymerapp
  • shelfapp
  • webapp

I will create a new web application project into my folder with command:

stagehand webapp

And then open the project in Dart Editor, run it and see, what Stagehand did.

Stagehand web template
Nice Dart web application

Inspecting project files is event better. You will see that you have prepared responsive website with Sass, CSS minification and even routing!

That is a good start for a new Dart web project, isn't it?

With Stagehand you can also start your new Polymer project, console app, shelf app or package. One option I am missing is Chrome packaged app, hope it will be added in the future.

Do you plan to try Stagehand for your next project? For me it is definitely YES.

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