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DevFest Ukraine 2015

This year I and my friend Jakub Škvára were invited as speakers to DevFest Ukraine 2015. I watched their event on social networks last year and when I got an invitation to speak there this year, I was really super happy and made a proposal for both Dart talk and a Code Lab.

DevFest Ukraine 2015 took place on October 23 - 24 in Lviv. Because there is no direct flight from Prague to Lviv, we had to transfer in Warsaw. Everything went fine and we successfully arrived to Lviv the evening before. Organizers prepared for us a special city tour around the city center and we heard a lot about Ukrainian history and saw a lot of Lviv's historical beauty.

Lviv's beauty according to Google Photos


The event started next morning with the keynote followed by talks in three parallel tracks: Android, Web & Cloud and community. And there were 40 sessions during the whole event!

DevFest Ukraine 2015 just started!

I and Jakub both had talks on Friday and code labs/workshops on Saturday. I had a talk with name Let's play Dart! where I talked about why I love Dart and why working with it makes me so much happy and productive developer. You can take a look at my slides on Slideshare:

Jakub had a talk about Polymer vs other libraries. During his talk he compared Polymer elements with components from React and Angular and showed us lots of examples.

You can also take a look at his slides on Slideshare:

During the day there was a lots of great talks about Android, Angular, Firebase and more.

You could also taste Marshmallows:

Or all Android versions:

All Android versions to eat ♥

More Androids!

The first day ended with a great afterparty!

Code Labs

The next day you could see also a lots of talks and Code Labs. But for me and Jakub it was mostly a Code Lab day.

We both had our Code Labs after the lunch. I started with mine about Your first server-side application in Dart in which you could create a simple RESTful API with all speakers and sessions from the conference using the Dart's powerful (and really easy to use) rpc library and Jakub had a Code Lab about creating a Polymer front-end application for this API.

Dart Code Lab!

You can find both our Code Labs on Github:

I am planning to update my Code Lab soon a little, probably with integration to App Engine and a client-side app.


I am really happy that I could be part of a great DevFest Ukraine 2015. The event was nicely organized, had a great atmosphere and organizers were always helpful and took care about us really nicely. We had also a lot of fun with other speakers and organizers and we could taste a local food and beer in nice restaurants.

I definitely recommend going to DevFest Ukraine next year!

Next month I am looking forward to DevFest Silicon Valley 2015 and next? ... ;-)

And the last photo from Ukraine's Lviv:

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